The Ultimate Guide To Be A ‘Fit Mommy’

Author: Smooch Baby   Date Posted:15 November 2018 

As a new mother, you have the right and responsibility to look after yourself just as carefully and diligently. Follow our guide to help keep you fit and healthy.


New Beginnings

Have you just birthed a beautiful little baby? Are you just setting foot into motherhood? Here are our heartiest congratulations to you! Well, we would love to offer you something more than just our best wishes. We understand that you would have gone through a lot of trauma during your delivery. You would have also experienced the indescribable joy and exuberance of finally holding your little bundle of joy in your arms. And now you have before you a whole new set of responsibilities. What will all the various rush of emotions and physical distress; do you feel your body is giving up on you?

Nothing to worry! That's natural. The ‘extra something' we wish to share with you is a guide to revive the physical and mental well-being.

Sleeping patterns:

This is considered to top the list of sacrifices of motherhood. As a new mother, you have to cater to the needs of your baby very frequently during the nights. It will affect your sleep and tend to be detrimental to your health. It would be very wise to schedule a sleep pattern spreading it across the day into shorter periods based on your baby’s feeding requirements. Also ensuring your baby has a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep would guarantee you some quality sleep. Get your hands on an amazing sleeping bag for your newborn.  If you can manage to give yourself a good five to six hours of sleep across the day, your body will have sufficient rest to recover and resume to being normal.



Healthy diet:

A healthy diet is very crucial in bringing back your lost health and overcoming the fatigue. Make it a habit of consuming nutritious and wholesome food. Include lots of greens, dry fruits &nuts, milk, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Try to accommodate foods that will enhance your breast milk supply. Additionally, calcium and iron are two important supplements that you will have to take. On the other hand, avoid gassy foods such as potatoes, cabbage, etc. Also make sure you use high quality and hygienic plates, bowls, and cutlery. Always remember, the food you eat impacts not just your body but your little ones as well.



Physical exercise is an important and essential part of your everyday routine. Your body has undergone significant changes over the course of pregnancy and delivery on the inside as well as the outside. Hormonal changes and stretches would still be stressing you. Adequate physical activity with proper guidance from your physician will help you tone your body and relax the strain on your skin. It would also aid in you shedding a couple of the excess pounds you would have gained during your pregnancy.  Hence, the use of strollers can come in really handy whenever you feel like going for a walk with your young one.


Regular check-ups:

Ensure you visit your gynecologist and pediatrician on a regular basis to have everything under control. These timely check-ups would free your mind of any worry or unknown fear about the well-being of your baby and your own self. Also, test yourself for the possible infections and disorders that are likely to crop up post delivery. Speaking of carrying your baby to the clinic, you must consider using a car seat while travelling with your newborn.


Body and hair care:

Are you giving an occasional longing look at yourself in the mirror thinking of your lost charm and glow? Well, there is a tendency of a new mother to ignore her skin and hair care regime. Now that you know this, do allocate some time to nurture your skin and hair. Source good quality organic skin and hair care products. You can also use a good quality stretch mark removal cream. Tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look young and healthy after becoming a mother. 

So, here we are at the end of this guide tailor-made for the need of every new mother. We truly hope it has served the purpose. Just remember, along with tending to your baby, you have the right and responsibility to look after yourself just as carefully and diligently. We wish you and your little bundle of joy all goodness!!