The Ultimate Skin Care Guide for Moms

Author: Smooch Baby   Date Posted:21 December 2018 

It's a fact that the long period of pregnancy and delivery of the newborn takes uncontrollable tolls on the mother’s body


Pregnancy is a period which can be described using a lot of adjectives. It could be called surreal, overwhelming and even exhaustive. Also, it's a fact that the long period of pregnancy and delivery of the newborn takes uncontrollable tolls on the mother’s body. It is then an even more exhaustive task to recover and maintain the health and beauty for the mom. One of the most affected elements of the body is the skin. It goes through a lot of wear and tear and thus needs time to recover. However, that process could be sped up and made smoother with a few tricks and products. Here’s a quick guide for you:


Basic Face Wash


With a newborn to take care of and other responsibilities, a mom would most often lose track of time! Thus, the fairest treatment that can be given to the skin in these busy times is a healthy fresh face wash. There are a lot of product brands to choose from. However, make sure that skin is cleansed at least twice a day to keep that glow perpetual. There are a variety of exfoliators available today.



Skin Conditioning


Let us face it. The ever-growing pollution and the harmful UV attack is not making your job any easier! Skin conditioning is important for every woman at all ages. Having a new born baby is a big responsibility. But, don’t ignore your skin either. It is best to keep the skin protected and layered with a suitable cream or conditioner or even a serum. SPF based products are thus highly recommended and widely used. It doesn’t even take much time to condition your skin. So, make sure you keep that skin conditioned and protected.



Prescribed Supplements


A large portion of the leading dermatologists around the world have now been recommending certain supplements. These supplements can be taken to slow down the skin ageing process. Because of the unhealthy everyday situations, it's now culminating into a usual practice. Along with the baby, keep yourself under check too! Take the necessary supplements to keep your skin young and glowing.


Scalp Care


Talking of skin care, one can't ignore the hair and scalp either! It's a common occurrence for women to experience hair fall after a few months of giving birth. This occurs due to the hormonal changes the body goes through. The hair fall can, however, be minimized. Avoid hair products which cause stress to the hair. Also, conditioners are preferred to keep the scalp nourished.



Dark Spots and Dullness


It is very common for the mother’s skin to become dull after the birth of the baby. The various hormonal changes and constant stress and fatigue definitely takes a toll. Dark spots and oily skin are also a big challenge! However, there are various serums available now that help fix that with their formulated composition. And if not that, then home-made remedies are always at your disposal. There is no skin flaw that some cucumber and lime extract can’t fix. Several serums and creams are available too. The brightening and dark spots collection offer diverse options to help you out.


Stretch Marks


Post pregnancy stretch marks are indeed a common happening. Even though it’s better to accept and acknowledge them, some prefer to make them fade away. In such cases, a variety of serums are available that fixes the skin cells in the region and make the marks look less prominent. There are a lot of stretch mark removal products that will save you from all the embarrassment.


The Right Diet


All the products in the world will be proven futile if your nutrition intake is not appropriate at the end of the day. It is highly important maintain a balanced healthy diet. This should include a lot of leafy vegetables, fruits and of course meat protein to keep that natural glow in place.

Hope this guide helps you out. As important as it is to take care of that little one, it is also important to practice self-care constantly. It will maintain a healthy and fresh environment for you and thus the child.



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